Saturday, February 15, 2014

Friday, February 14, 2014


I ran 5.35 k today non stop. I know it isn't much but I think couch to 5 k in less than a week is pretty good. At this rate, I should do alright by race day. 5 k must be at least enough to cancel out those four doughnuts and a slab of chocolate cake, right? There was a salad in there somewhere too.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Monday, February 10, 2014

Oh and also...

I just took a couple selfies in my workout gear. I thought this might be a healthier way of documenting the improvements to my fitness since, as I mentioned before, I don't think weighing myself will cut it. Am I the last person on Earth who finds admitting to taking a selfie embarrassing as shit? There was a time when you staged your photo to look like it could have been taken by a friend. No shame now. Anyhow, the bad news is I have more fat to lose than I realized. The good news is, in spite of this, I was actually happy to see those pictures. I felt that they gave me an honest look at what needs to be done and the goal is absolutely achievable. Normally, a photo like that might make me want to scratch my face off, curl into a ball, become overly aware of my rolls, stretch back out again and lie on the couch crying. But since I already have a plan in place and it has already been underway for a few days, things just don't seem that bad. I just look like a fit person with a one inch thick soft lining. A buffer against the cold, maybe. It is February, after all. Oh and also, my cat is looking a little pudgier since we had her spayed. Since there's no way in holy Hell I'm putting those selfies online, check out some glamour shots of Boris Badenov:

Oh hi.

So I've decided to do this run called "Seek the Peak". It's 16 k through varied terrain and it includes the Grouse Grind. Many people sign up in groups of four and run it as a relay, but because 4 k doesn't sound worth my time and because I have no friends, I am going to run it on my own. I have about 18 weeks or so to train for this and I've written up a training program. I am three days in and I feel pretty good. I'm not really going to do any special kind of diet because fuck that. Yesterday on my run I ran into someone I used to work with and had to make small talk. After resuming my run I realized that if I continued running counter clockwise around the lake and he continued walking his dog clockwise around the lake, we would end up Groundhog Daying the excruciating encounter. I left the park. It is raining this morning and running at the gym seemed like an excellent way to avoid seeing people I know (everyone I know is fat) until I actually arrived and remembered that they don't make gyms for the socially awkward. I did it anyway. At the gym, you have to sign up for the cardio equipment on a white board. Only half hour time slots are available. This makes training for a long run very difficult. Anyhow, I was able to run at 6mph on a 4% incline for my half hour. It wasn't very hard but I broke a bit of a sweat so I guess it did something. I'll be cross training as well so I don't spend 5 days a week on high impact shit that's gonna blow out my knees before the big day. Spin class tomorrow night. Why don't these blog thingies let you create proper paragraphs? WALLOFTEXT! Anyhow, I'm only writing a blog about this because I feel like if I trick myself into thinking I'm actually writing to someone, I will be better able to hold myself accountable for maintaing a training regimen. When I first had the idea to do this run, I flip-flopped for a couple of days on whether or not to bother. I forced myself to tell a couple people about my plan to do this. It isn't so easy to give up on something when you know giving up will make you look like a chump. I'm not so fond of the idea of becoming that person at work who is constantly updating everyone on her training but I'm also pretty sure that if I kept it all to myself, I'd eventually choose Ben and Jerry's over training. I currently weigh about 125 lbs. I don't weigh myself that often but maybe I should start. I'd like to lose a few pounds of fat but I doubt I'll see much difference on the scale. I just burned my rice because I was writing this. I blame you.

Thursday, February 21, 2013